Digital Know-it-all

This may be mildly disturbing for some people, but it’s demonstrates why you get Internet pop-up adds that relate to your “interests”

btw, if this says you are female and you are a male … well I dont need to spell it out.

Responding to comment, I do not have an algorithim and I imagine it is rules based calculation anyways, if you didnt like what you saw then stop Google tracking and targetting you via cookies.

Visit this site and click “opt out”. Unfortunately you will still get adverts, but they won’t be based on your web use.
One down many more to go. On this page you can opt out of targetted advertising from 17 other online advertising networks. You can also see which ones already have a tracking cookie on your computer.

Here is the Yahoo  opt out page, and not to forget our friends DoubleClick (one of the largest online advertising players bought by Google in March). click here to opt out

The DoubleClick site indicates which “non-personally identifiable information” they use even if you DO opt out:
“Your browser type, internet service provider, information about the general content of the site or page displayed on your browser and other non-personally identifiable information provided by the site.”
That still too much info in my books and this company agrees the DoubleClick opt out is ineffective.

So set your browser to reject 3rd-party cookies (details on how here), to prompt you to decline or accept every cookie any site tries to send you, or to regularly delete them. Any which way it’s tricky not to be tracked to some extent.

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One thought on “Digital Know-it-all

  1. sadsense says:

    I’m sorry now I had cleared my cache before trying this, as I only had the vimeo link to the breakestra as below on my file.
    Based on this, I am apparently 57% male.
    Good to know….
    Spooky though.
    Can you knock out an algorithm for us Bununus?

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