Cosmo Sex Tips for Girls

I’m always amazed by how many sex tips for Girls Cosmo and other mags manage to get together.

Huge numbers, impossibly huge, seem to be the defining characteristic of these rag covers.  2008 new sexual positions to please your man… 365 new sensual techniques to keep the fire in your bedroom etc.

It all sounds so exhausting.  Equally impossible numbers seem to apply at the end of the scale on the covers promising things such as weight-loss (lose 320 lbs by next Tuesday etc).

And of course the 1,486 new looks for this summer, or 683 new hair-do’s or whatever…

Anyway, finally all of this research of Sex Tips for Girls has been compacted into one  Coffee-Table handy reference Tome, according to Onion News.

Here’s the scoop:

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4 thoughts on “Cosmo Sex Tips for Girls

  1. forlorncow says:

    I know it’s funny, but don’t you think it’s sad that this is how society is expecting women to look, act, and think? With the “ideal woman” that’s being portrayed almost everywhere you turn, no wonder so many normal women have no self esteem and are buying into it. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that it’s going to take more than a few tips from a magazine to make them happy with themselves.

  2. haven says:

    lolz….i remember way back college years am so fund of reading articles about how to get men…and yeah one of my magazine collection is COSMOPOLITAN …and my friends and I were cozing in one chair giggling while reading….and we do really apply the tips….well..those were the days…

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