Google is street viewing you right now

Google is street viewing you right now

TechCrunch UK has a rather menacing photo of what purports to be the Google Street View camera in action somewhere in suburban London last week. Now is not the time to be looking out of your window wearing nothing but pants.

There were rumblings last week that Street View would violate European laws on data protection because it doesn’t ask the permission of individuals (in their pants or not).

Photo by jo-h on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

The BBC reports that Simon Davies of Privacy International has written to Google to ask for details of a face-blurring technology that the search giant says will protect the privacy of people caught by the street view cameras.

Davies doesn’t think the technology will work, but a Google spokeswoman said it has been used since May, when Street View New York was ‘refreshed’.

“Since then we have applied facial blurring to all new imagery launches in the US, including a major launch in June.”

“We think this type of privacy-enabling technology is the best way of meeting the challenge of continuing to respect people’s expectation of privacy, while not stifling the development of new products and services that everyone can enjoy and benefit from.”

So if you’re lucky enough to get snapped in your pants, you might only get your face blurred. Better keep the rest tidy then, eh?

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