Our good Friends in the National Toll Roads have finally decided to move all tolls at the M50 to e-tolling.

Which is great, and super awesome, and also a slight nod of the head to this whole internet thing, proving that it may just catch on after all.

Amazingly, this is proving to add extreme overheads to their margins, which explains the toll going from €2 to €3 overnight, with heavy penalties if you do not sign on and pay by 8pm the following day.

It is hard to know what the additional costs incurred from firing all the booth jockeys may be, however as a lay person who doesn’t understand the difficulties of operating what is essentially a turnstyle I’m not qualified to speculate.

So hurrah for progress, at any cost.

No more anonymous crossing to the North Side of Dublin for any of us, and now 50% more expensive.

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One thought on “eTolling

  1. redblok says:

    Yup, I wonder how secure it is. Apparently if you got a transponder reader, the account IDs are readable…

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