Google the Unstoppable Sex Machine

Happy days indeed, Google is launching the Beta of its browser, chrome, this week.

Hats off for more free stuff and all that, I know valued slanderizer Bununus has downloaded it and wants me to follow suit, but we’re on Macs and that’s not going to happen for a while.

I will be interested to follow online reaction and uptake for this though, as one of the trends to emerge from the launch of Cuil (See post below) was that people were keen to see an alternative to google.  So, although that search didn’t quite hit the spot due to its technical incompetancies, the message is quite clear that internet users would like to have some choice regarding who to do business with.

Chrome is another vehicle for how google is more and more deciding how we see the internet.

There are many privacy issues with google that are far from being resolved, from a user perspective, and it would seem that your e footprint is likely to leave more and more tracks with the google data warehouses, so I’d be keen to see them take a strong line on privacy before immmersing myself in more of their offerings.

I’ll mostly be wearing a tinfoil helmet today.  Keep me posted on why its great…


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