iTunes the New Monolith

It seems that apple are not going to budge on the 99cent download charge, or their margin on it, whereby only 15cents goes to the artist’s record company (and you can imagine how little of that pilfers down to the actual atist…).

The Copyright Royalty Board met last Thursday to rule on a requested 66% increase for sales of digital music from 9 cents to 15 cents a track.  We’re talking buttons here.  Apple’s response was to sulk like a spoiled child, and issued a veiled threat to close its iTunes store (18 months after it was issued) and just a day before royalty rates are to be set.

Boo Hoo.  Maybe they should dig a little deeper, as they seem to now be postitioned as THE major distributor of music on-line.  In fact, artists are conspicious by their absence on iTunes, such as kid rock, who made a bit of an event out of it:

US music star Kid Rock is refusing to put his albums on iTunes because he says artists do not get paid enough for downloads from the Apple store. (Source BBC)

He said it was based on “an old system, where iTunes takes the money, the record company takes the money, and they don’t give it to the artists”.  If you’re not missing Kid Rock, the only other major stars who have still not made their music available on iTunes are The Beatles, Garth Brooks and AC/DC.

Even Radiohead relented a while back to bring their lamentable whinging to the on-line audience iTunes has captured:

Radiohead’s back catalogue has appeared on iTunes, making them one of the last high-profile bands to put their body of work on Apple’s leading download store. (Source BBC)

All hail the new Monolith.  Of course they’re not going to shut the iTunes store.  Not until they’ve sucked all the money out of kids pockets, down to the lint.  Would you?

So why not give a little more back to the artists who’ve given them their catalogue?  Seems a small concession now that the store has been established for some time, and probably runs itself at this stage.

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