Bertie Vid getting out of Control


This is now in Today’s Irish times.

We’re well on the way to becoming a natioanl disgrace.  Its only a bit of fun…

Here’s the press:

‘Boomtown’ rap puts Bertie in YouTube spotlight


THERE’S A new ditty about Bertie doing the rounds on YouTube that’s worth wasting four minutes and 10 seconds of the boss’s time on.

It’s called Bertie and Boomtown and is “sung” (if that’s not over-egging it) by four young ladies and a bloke wearing a wig in the style of Marsha Hunt (Google it if you want an explanation) and massively oversized sunglasses.

The rap goes something like this: “It was ’97 when you took over the Dáil . . . you fooled us all with your northside chatter . . . quick with the wit; better than the Opposition, sure they were all just full of sh*t . . .”

And the girls in the background keep crooning: “Oh-oh Bertie . . . It used to be a boomtown; now it just a ruintown . . . Oh-oh Bertie.”

Sloshing about is Alan Shortt doing a decent riff on the (formerly) great man himself and the video is directed by Liam Frawley.

For a band that has propelled itself into cyberspace courtesy of YouTube, they’re unusually coy about themselves. “We wanted to do something funny about the decline of the Celtic Tiger, and the Bertie years, that sort of summed it up in three minutes, without being too mean,” a member told Magpie.

“We kind of want to keep our names out of it though, so the band is called Anon.”

If Anon get enough hits on YouTube, they might release the song as a Christmas CD.

See what you think:

…hats off to Magpie, and his remarkable insight.  This is bleeding edge, kids…

See it in all its original glory here:

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