Get Well Steve

Sad news indeed to hear that Steve Jobs is taking leave of duty from Apple due to health concerns.

He has correctly been designated a ‘National Treasure’ in the US and is really the public face of Apple.

I must confess to watching the MacWorld expo every year, and geektastic though he is, he still manages to persuade me every time that I should forget about all the kernel panics and spinning beachballs of death I experience so often and but a shiny new iToy.

His enthusiasm and passion for what he’s doing is always palpable from these events, and he is acutely aware of the legacy he is building, as a result of previous health scares.

We wish him well and a speedy recovery, and hope that he has inspired enough of the smart people he must have hired over the years to successfully hand over the Apple mantle if need be.

God Speed Steve.

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