The Elusive Masal Bugduv Conspiracy

donkeyRight. First off, I don’t know or care about football or any sports,
BUT, I do love an old internet spoof, and this is a good one.

The Times recently published a list of 50 hottest young footballers, and included on it a certain Masal Bugduv, a Moldovian striker.

The only problem with this is that he doesn’t actually exist (Guardian article here).

What’s even more interesting is that he appears to be the creation of a group of web pranksters (woo hoo) who altered the Wikipedia entry and a number of blogs to create him.

Further interest again is that it looks like the group behind this may be Irish, as Masal Bugduv sounds like “M’asal beag dubh,” which is Irish for “my little black donkey.” This was the old Irish story you may remember from school by Pádraic Ó Conaire that happens to work as a brilliant satire of the culture of football transfers apparently, more on this here.

Anyway, I found it amusing. Hats off to all involved.

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