Monthly Archives: March 2009

Stop Digital Slander


If you are anything like me, on a weekly basis you give many people, both friends and complete strangers, the opportunity to catalogue your inappropriate, offensive, unprofessional behavior. This can be captured anywhere anytime thanks to the ever increasing number of multifunctional mobile devices who’s quality of picture and video continues to improve by the month.

What seemed like a crazy fun idea @ 4:50 on Saturday morning, can result in you not getting that job you applied for, when your prospective employer googles “Mr. Bununus” as part of their background checks and finds a video of you setting fire to a picture of Gay Mitchell MEP while dancing around naked.

Thankfully there is a solution to this problem, for the measly fee of $10 per month Reputation Defender will identify any suspect Internet content relating to you. If found they will destroy it for $30 a go.  I have not save up enough money yet to destroy the 12 million videos and pictures of me engaging in inappropriate behaviour scattered across the Internet, but for the record: