WoW. Just WoW. (Pun intended)

I’m not a gamer, so maybe I just don’t understand these things, but this is a bit out of control.  The WoW Pod is a creation that would seemingly allow hardcore World of Warcraft players the ability to never stop playing.  It comes complete with Orc inspired architecture, food, water, cooking facilities, a chair/toilet for the gamer, and most importantly, a computer.  Way to never leave home again.


So, if you’re a level 37 Chicken of the Infinite just dying to complete that next quest in order to get that magical egg, this might just be for you.  Unfortunately, it is just an art piece.  Despite pleas from many WoW players, there are no plans to commercialize it.  So sorry kids, you’ll have to come up with your own social-life-ending-video-game-club-house.


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