microsoft to launch ‘search 2.0’


Microsoft are going to launch a new ‘more relevent’ search product, which is healthy news indeed, if, like me, you’ve grown a bit tired of Google (see previous post here).

According to the Beeb the aims are as follows:

“…Bing offers to make search more relevant by understanding the intention of searches, and grouping more related information to the original query.

For example, searches for a product will also bring links to reviews, accessories, and online shops, as well as information about the item.

Searches for flight information will pull schedules and times from websites, as well as linking to hotels and weather.

Microsoft wants to reduce the amount of clicking a user has to do to find specific and related information…”

This all sounds very good indeed, and is long overdue in terms of how search algorithms work and it is even more interesting to note that in the research for this Microsoft discovered that 40% of search queries go unanswered.

That’s a big number, and something I already had a feeling about, and, if the interest Irish search engine Cuil (posted about prevoiusly here) generated is anything to go by, at least 1% of all internet traffic took a look on the day of their launch, which means that a significant number of internet users are unhappy with the Google solution.

I for one welcome a new approach to search, even if it does come from Microsoft, and am curious to see what search results promising an ’emotional connection’ will look like.

In the conclusion  of the BBC interview, Paul Stoddart, Microsoft UK search lead is pointing out that going for Yahoo’s current market share of second to Google does ‘not lack ambition’ and promises to go after Google next.  He also uses the unfortunate wrap-up line:

“Microsoft has a great tradition of coming from behind.”

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  1. techwoo says:

    microsoft to launch 'search 2.0' .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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