Plan 9 from Outer Space


This film has been consistently hailed as the worst movie ever made.

Because of its script, acting, special effects, and multiple production errors visible in the final version of the film, Plan 9 from Outer Space is often regarded as a leading candidate for the title of “worst movie ever made”. It has also earned Wood a posthumous Golden Turkey Award as the worst director ever. – Wikipedia

One has to wonder though.

At least there was a plan with some of this.  Its not as though Wood was running around with a camera accidentally pointing at his shoe whilst recording, decided that it was genius, and then decided to ‘distribute’ the final ‘master work’ on the Internet.

So why are we settling for this?

Here’s a clip of Plan 9:

You can see for yourselves.  Not too shoddy. A bit on the hammy side, but we all love bacon deep down.

Now compare this to some YouTube goodness.  My search string was “I filmed my shoe”, and sure enough, there’s a lot up there, LOL indeed.  This one comes from YouTube user ‘SleepyStilletoes’ who has a whole series on the topic, if you’re really into it.

But wait, that’s not all.  The real magic, the gold dust, if you will, lies in the little splash of blurb that comes with this.  Its like a snatched forbidden glimpse into an alternative universe:

A video shot today 08.08.2008 of me walking in my 4.5 inch red stilettos. Once again a Derby indoor market purchase and these shoes made by Elegant Shoes. These shoes are also a work shoe on a regular basis and the go with most outfits, black shiny lycra leggings is always a favorite of mine with these shoes. SleepyStilettos via YouTube

BAM!  There it is right there. That more than justifies why I’d watch somebody’s shoes for almost 3 minutes.  Darwin alert.  And its his anniversary or something.


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