Disgusted by Irish Racism


Good day,

I would be very grateful if you could take a moment to read about some appalling racist behavior we have encountered over the weekend on our YouTube channel.

We are a Dublin-based Video Production Company.

We made and uploaded a short film against racism Ireland, posted to our YouTube channel on July 15th here:


Please note the comments on the video.

Everybody involved in the production worked for free, as we thought it was an excellent script and important message.  Also, as the industry has been badly affected by the recession, we knew plenty of the best production people in town, that we could call on to help, and they were all happy to oblige, to at least be working on something.

This video has been the subject of a targeted attack in the form of racially abusive comments, I have flagged this in an email already to YouTube, and I have disabled comments and embedding of the video.

I see today that one of the most persistent people who has the most racially charged comments has illegally ripped this video and re-uploaded it with subtitles that counter the message of the video, as seen below:


Not only is this is an infringement of our copyright, of approved and agreed creative & production, it is also encouraging a community of seemingly similar-minded people on YouTube to behave in a manner that normalizes racist attitudes.

We want to report this to press and government bodies here, along with the failure of YouTube to act on our request for same via email previously.

More disturbing still, is that the attention from this group on YouTube has led to the video being posted on Stormfront.org, a US-based White Supremacist Forum, and this is a most disturbing trend, that Irish people are affiliated and resonate with the views expressed by these demagogues.
The forum where this is posted about may be found here:


I will end this note by quoting some of the posts these people have left on our channel, and please bear in mind that 65% of these comments are coming from Ireland, and a further 11% are from the US, our You Tube channel insight also tells us that these people are largely males, aged between 25 and 44.

9c5c2 (2 days ago) Show Hide
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Oooga booga booga. F**k off back your mudhut shanty town.

oliversinhell3 (2 days ago) Show Hide
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What about us ? the natives who never saw any of the billions that were splashed around like loose change , and now its over we are supposed top pay for everything , including our migrant friends here !

80% said no !

send them all home !

EddieTheDaddyHitler (2 days ago) Show Hide
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F**k off home you disguting spear chucking c**t!Not welcome, go back to your tribe.

9c5c2 (1 day ago) Show Hide
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He’s clearly a Negro, not Irish.

kwazi6 (2 days ago) Show Hide
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Luckily, during these attacks, we learned, as a nation, that we were not as pussy-whipped as we thought and there has been some glimmer of hope and sanity. SARI is a non-profit body that aims to steal the resources of Whites through their corrupt government.
caoimhghain (1 day ago) Show Hide
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F**k off scroungers

nsman88 (1 day ago) Show Hide
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Quite informative really; a very good example of one unpleasant negro trait: bloodshot eyes. The great apes have that too.

PatriotsGame (10 hours ago) Show Hide
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Oh look after multiculturalism has failed in every other EU nation with race riots, sectarianism and terrorism rife Ireland thinks a stupid advert will make it work?

After a 800 year struggle for freedom, sovereignty and the right to exist as a nation reckless immigration policies and liberal idiots will see it all undone in a matter of decades!

welkin87 (3 hours ago) Show Hide
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To be Irish, you need to have two white parents, one of those white parents needs to be Irish by BLOOD.
Sorry darkies and slopes, you can’t join our club ever.

For anyone who thinks different you are not only wrong, but you are also a politically “correct” brainwashed moron of the highest order.


This is just a sample of the responses that are being generated.  This has sickened me and I find it truly disturbing that we have allowed attitudes like this to have such a strong voice in Ireland.

I feel embarrassed to share any concept of National Heritage with these people, and if you don’t do something to highlight and expose this you are in effect complicit.

I am sorry to be the bearer of such bad news, but we can all do something about it.


13 thoughts on “Disgusted by Irish Racism

  1. bununus says:

    Time to try Reputation Defender, for the measly fee of $10 per month Reputation Defender will identify any suspect Internet content relating to you. If found they will destroy it for $30 a go.


  2. Anon1 says:

    These comments are so depressing. I’d thought we were beginning to get over the racist/ homophobic thing. Ah well maybe one day!

  3. fluff_fest says:

    This is absolutely awful.
    Thank you for writing about it.


  4. sadsense says:

    Thanks all for the comments!
    We will keep you updated on the situation as it develops.
    Best etc,
    All@Digital Slander

  5. Pol O'Hoistin says:

    As an Irish guy, now living in US over 10 years, I am as shocked as every other normal person. But I have noticed that You Tube videos (even the music videos) attract people who make meaningless and ignorant (bigoted, sexist, or just bullying) comments. It appears to me that these few social outcasts spent all their time surfing the internet. They appear angry and lacking any integrity or self-worth. They act as spoilers like the school yard bullys. But You Tube should manage their website and run “clean up” software to enforce a common code of conduct which removes comments which are bullying or mean in intent. This still allows for freedom of expression based on social norms.

  6. Doc says:

    Horrible to see these kind of comments and sad to think that an organised group of what might only be a few people can generate such exposure for themselves.
    I had a film called ‘Racism’ on youtube a few years ago and it attracted similar comments. I agree Youtube have some resonsibility in cleaning up the comments.

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  8. Extenze says:

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  9. Otto says:

    Free speech?

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