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Gooogle – OneBox, Many Beats, More Profit



Reading the Beeb News again (the source of many a good story) and learn that Google is getting into the online music market with the launch of OneBox, an alliance with music sites Lala and MySpace-owned iLike.

When users search using OneBox, a pop-up widget powered by iLike or Lala offers to play the entire song.

Interesting to find that the words “music” and “lyrics” are among the top 10 search terms of all time, according to Google [reported here]. Also interesting is the news that Apple currently have the music industry over a barrel, dominating the online music market with around 70% of worldwide sales.  Thus, they are now presumably the largest music distribution operation in the world.

One of the possible advantages of the service for the beleaguered music industry is seen to be a halting of piracy from torrent sites.  While Apple may not be able to stop iTunes users adding pirated music to their libraries, Google can.  Simply by “adding alongside all of those Torrent results… a heavily integrated Google music offering (Mark Mulligan, Analyst @ research firm Forrester).

Yipee. So now we can expect adsense on Music searches.  Bound to get you what you’re looking for in no time, as any Google search generally will [SIC- sore point, some blogging on this here before].

Coinciding with proposed charges on YouTube piffle (sorry, content) Google seem to really be getting into the Christmas spirit…

Lifting liberally from the BBC press release here, please note that:

“…At Google, we see millions of music-related queries every day,” said the company’s vice president of search Marissa Mayer at the launch in Los Angeles.

“It is clear to us that for our users music holds a very special and particular place…” (Source BBC)

It is clear that Google is in the best market research position in the world.  Let’s face it, they know what pretty much the entire online world is searching for, and are in a unique position to anticipate trends, one could suggest in a monopolistic and somewhat insidious manner.  And now they have learned that people like music.  Result.

So then, one would have to wonder, if people like music so much, why did Google not get into this before Apple spotted the niche?  Why would they have wasted so much time and resources giving the world such epic fails as Google Video before buying their way out of the problem with the acquisition of YouTube?  I can guess, can you?

Not all of the feedback about this will be positive, and a casual Twitter search brought this other early opinion:

“…Will Google , which has just wheeled out a new search thingy called Onebox, soon be hit by one or more trademark infringement lawsuits?

A week ago, “Giant online advertising company Google is like a nasty virus,” p2pnet posted. “It’s everywhere and into everything. And now it’s planning on a music ’service’.”

Google is already the world’s largest music indexing site overshadowed, perhaps, by The Pirate Bay. And it’s even Cartel Proof, said p2pnet in July…” (From P2P Net)

Final call on this, if Google end up becoming contenders with this service YOU KNOW it will mean that Madonna, Robbie and Jay Z will have to start and finish all of their future world tours in the Google canteen to a room full of polo-necked nerds.

Can’t stop progress.

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