Fun with Pro Tools & Windows 7

A simple search on Google revealed the following:

As you can see, Digidesign have outdone themselves to leave their Customer base in the dark again in a world where you can’t buy a PC without Windows 7 installed.  It only seemed to take them 6 or 8 months last year to come up with a version of Pro Tools that worked with OSX 10.5, so I suppose we can’t die from holding our breath.

I am currently in Bununus’ as I type, and he is a high level IT Specialist with over 15 years experience.  I have been using Pro Tools for over 7 years now, and of late they have been hard, frustrating times.  We’re both baffled, after spending hours installing, rebooting, repatching etc.

All Bununus wants to do is play his music collection through the AD converters on the M Box mini.  All I wanted to do was make music.

We’re getting nowhere.  Check yourselves out Pro Tools, and resolve this epic fail now.


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