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This is the Ad your Ad could smell like.

The Old Spice ad that was created for Superbowl 2010, I’m the Man your Man could Smell like was an incredible success.

So much so, that they have a second ad running now.  The actor, Isaiah Mustafa has become an overnight sensation, and celebrity in his own right, doing daytime TV appearances etc.

Much more interesting than that, however, is the fact that the Old Spice man is getting back to people who tweet about him, or ask him questions on the facebook page.  This is some of the smartest, ballsiest viral we’ve ever witnessed.

If you take a look at his twitter profile, you can see links to his outrageous video replies to fans and celebrities alike, and the quality of delivery and hilarious tone never wavers.  This is creating the illusion that the replies are happening in real time.

Read Write Web have an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the process in action here, and point out that someone has finally found a way to ‘own the internet’ in one fell swoop.  This is a genius campaign by Wieden + Kennedy, who are going to be the most recognised agency on the planet this year.

On the first day of business, the team made 87 YouTube videos, accumulating a staggering 4 million hits (this is people effectively voluntarily going to watch an old spice ad…) and they did this in 11 hours of non stop work.

Add that up.  It is taking them approximately 7 minutes for the delivery of each clip.  Viral is here to stay, and this has to be the smartest one yet.

Hats off!

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