Links of the Week

Thinking of trying a new weekly links of interest round up, for some Friday fun.

Some of the below links may be NSFW but that just means your place of work sucks.

Digital Ad Campaign of the Week

First off, massive props to Tipp-Ex for their nice interactive YouTube ad, “A Hunter Shoots a Bear”

Click on the image below to check it for yourselves…

Fun eh? A little like the Subservient Chicken meme of old, a viral campaign  run for Burger King back in the day.

Again, the Tipp Ex hunter is a great example of YouTube hijack, something we’re going to see more and more of.

There was a YouTube takeover campaign for the Expendables movie, a copy of which can be seen here.

Massive Tune of the Week

Next up, quite fond of this massive tune by Cee Lo Green:

The guy’s worked with everyone, his credits are a veritable Who’s Who of Rap, Hip Hop, Soul, RnB etc.

This is a top tune, that manages to be disarmingly, charmingly offensive.

More Fun From 27b/6

More goodness, in that there’s a new tale of email misunderstanding fun instigated by David at 27b/6.

This time, David has received a surprisingly hefty electricity bill and wants to query what it may have arisen from.

He maintains that he is not questioning the calculation, he is questioning the number the calculation is based on.

He includes some helpful diagrams to explain himself in the process.

If you’ve managed to miss this guy’s work before, take a look!

Inception Spoof Trailer

Some may have missed this, the massive blockbuster Inception gets a wonderful parody treatment in this video,

Inebriation.  Hats off to Piaras for finding this one…

“Never drink with the same people twice, always party with new friends…” Good times.

X factor is Shit!

Who’d have thunk it?

Finally, we have been finding that Nostril Shorts YouTube channel is full of goodness.

In the following film he has managed to capture where it all goes wrong in this song, wherein

Danyl Johnson sings a song about sausages and the tone deaf judges on X Factor fucking love it.

Make up your own mind, and let’s see if Denny take this on as a campaign.  They should.

That’s about it from us for the week, stay safe, Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!


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    boom chica wowow

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