Links of the Week 10.09.2010

Giggidy.  Its Friday again, and that means another fabulous roundup of the joys of the internet according to us from this week.

***** (New Star Rating System)

Adidas – Celebrate Originality

First off the bat is the wonderous Graffiti masterclass by Krooked Type:

This is a campaign for Champion Sports, with music by Arveen & Misk.



Ben Folds, Nick Hornby, & Pomplamoose VideoSong!!!!
Next up, a fantastic colloboration between all of the above.  Genius.


Another Mini Ad:

This is pretty amazing, in a CGIish way.  We all want to race around Rome looking fabulous. Ciao!


Flashmob with the Personal Touch:

Happy out for SNCF in France, who made this nice film.  The idea is great.


One for the Ladiez (and Men that like touching willies)

Ronaldo puts on pants, demonstrating his amazing physique & Brazilian-ness.

Corporate Gold.


Absolute Tarintino Rip Off:

Yep, they’ve gone and tried to make a Tarintino film for Absolute Lemon drop.  Not sure how I feel about this.

I don’t know if copying Tarintino’s style is a good thing. You decide for yourself.


Something Cute:

This is lovely, and not an Ad for a change.  Parallel Parking.  Happy days.



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