Links of the Week 17.09.2010


Well its been another non-entity week on the intertubes, as far as we can tell.

Some stuff we found funny or clever along the way is listed below.

Not all of these are safe for work.

Note, our awesomeness baromoter goes from YAWN * to AWESOME *****



Being A Dickhead’s Cool

Yep, first up, I know you may have seen it, but this just caught our attention after we posted last week’s links, and we missed it.

Vitally important stuff, to help identify whether you or anyone you know is in danger of being a dickhead.




7D 1000 fps

Now that that’s out of the way, we can get on with some more beautiful stuff.

This is a rather sublime look at some BMX Tricks in ultra-slow motion.

Wonderfully shot and very calming.




Making Future Magic – iPad Light Painting

Yep, those clever clogs at Dentsu in London have found a way to use iPods to ‘Paint’ with light.

Bit of a dorkfest, frankly, but very clever.

Note that we like this because of the idea and working methodology behind it, as a video in its own right there are much easier methods to composite images (make special fx) that look more finished, but this is very interesting nonetheless.

*** (some *’s deducted for being too dorky)



Star Trek Cribs

Don’t know why it took so long to come across this one, very classy stuff, as Spock takes us around his Crib, MTV style.

“Artwork… Dope.” Sold.




Tape Art

This is another Vimeo fave, guys do stuff that’s arty with tape.

They look a little like the dickheads in the above video though.




Everything is a Remix

This is essential viewing for those of you that didn’t realise that Rapper’s Delight sampled Le Chic’s ‘Good Times’ and other such nonsense.

People have been cribbing other people’s work since the dawn of time, that’s why we have fire and the wheel.

This is a much more probing and long-winded explanation from the annals of pop culture.




The YouTube Time Machine

This handy little page allows you to travel back in time via YouTube videos.

As far as 1860, ambitiously enough.

Click here to experience the magic for yourself.




Brian Cowen Drunk

There’s really too much stuff out there on this, so you can just click here to get an overview of all the images on the web tagged ‘Brian Cowen Drunk’.

It would nearly make you think it wasn’t an isolated incident.

Hats off, Sláinte to our noble leader, and have a great weekend.



3 thoughts on “Links of the Week 17.09.2010

  1. Sinead Harnwell says:

    Q. I,m famous @ last 🙂 Did get friend to translate for me before posting & would like to assure all it,s a very anti-nazi/anti-government/anti-superpower piece when translated …just in case lorry loads of people start breaking down my door 🙂 Great Blog Q. :-)Great week to all Creators 😀

    • sadsense says:

      Hey Sinead, all good! I knew as much, know it’s more a song about corruption etc!
      Sometimes I don’t explain myself very well, now realise it reads kinda weirdly, hope
      No offence was taken! Q

      • sinead harnwel says:

        No it wasn,t non taken @ all .You F_ckin Bastard!!! hehehe No only seeing this reply know Q.As ever little gems to all tables you!!! 🙂

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