Links of the Week 24.09.2010

One in every 4 Americans has appeared on television.  Now you know.

Also, Thomas Edison, light bulb inventor, was afraid of the dark.

Yes, Earthlings, its time to see what the bag of snaked wonders that is the Intertubes has to offer us this week.

All of the highs, and none of the lows, these are the best bits we saw, in no particular order.

We will use the umbrella marking scheme this week due to the inclement conditions abroad, thereby:

☂ = Yawn and ☂☂☂☂☂ = Not a dry seat in the house.

So, without further ado,

Lego Gets a bit of the old Ultra Violence

Yep, sometimes those little Lego men go all butch and shoot each other up, John Woo style.

Can’t think what would have caused this, but the results are all in focus.  Top work from Custard Productions.

(Yes, they did do a Fight Like Apes Video).



Air Guitar Pro Acoustic Guitar

I dare you to watch this and not laugh.

Some crazy Japanese Air Guitar enthusiast unboxes his new Acoustic Air Guitar Pro.

This is the future of Video Testimonials.

I’m not watching yours if the talent doesn’t have something in their nose.



Never say No to Panda

It seems futile to argue with this adorably tantrum-prone beast of the wild.

Just Say Yes.



Smart Arse Guitar

Yep, Mystery Guitar Man has burgled the banks of Mozart to bring us this delight.

Also known as filmmaker Joe Penna, the above video took over 1000 cuts, and 6 hours of guitar tabbing, whatever that means.

Anyhow, he also has something rather clever here with his interactive piano, so let’s add that too.



Interactive Piano

Clicking on the piano makes the man play the guitar.  Yep, well…

☂(+ ☂☂☂ for being clever with the YouTubes)


Rather nice Animation

Its called Sinfin or something and seems to be for Canal+



Pop Song by Jon LaJoie

A comprehensive dissection of all ingredients required to get a Platinum smash in these sad times.



Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear

Yep, the fanboy video is better than the official one.

Oh Gawd, in the name of research I took a quick look at Wikipedia about these guys.

The descriptors Psychedelic Rock, Folk Pop & Experimental scare me.  Anyhoo…



Dot.  The World’s Smallest Nokia Ad

Cute, and somewhat clever due to small scale of things.



Lux Aurumque (Light & Gold) Composed by Eric Whitacre

More highbrow stuff from here on in, this is quite wonderful.



Gil Scott-Heron gets new Video for I’m New Here

Yep, this week Gil will play us off, cause he’s the closest thing to a voice of reason that we have.

☂☂☂☂+☂ for being Gil.  (I’m biased, but hey, life ain’t fair).


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