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LINKS OF THE WEEK 22.10.2010

Yep, it sure is getting frosty out there.  If you’re reading from Facebook click above for the videos to play…

Anyhow, enough small talk, its time for this week’s links of truth – straight from the interweb to your face.

First up,

Sesame Street : Smell Like a Monster

If you’re not a fan of the Old Spice campaign, then this may not mean much.


My Litter, My Legacy

This is a Darklight entry by Dan Dalton.

Smart, no?


Banksy Hijacks the Simpsons Intro

I’m old enough to remember when the Simpsons was controversial.  It may be again.


Yeo Valley – Rapping about Yoghurt or Farming

Dunno, this may strike a chord with agrarians who’ve urban inclinations.


Projection Mapping – Samsung cracks it up a notch.

Yep, that what we thought.  This season’s flash mob.

Hurry kids, buy a projector before the marketing manager changes their mind…


My little piece of Privacy

Tired of peeping Tom neighbours?  If you’re a total geek who has recently been made redundant,

you may have the time to do something like this.


Music Video of note – UFFIE – Difficult

Nice find by Red.  Can’t figure it out.


Experimental Tribute – by Chris Carter

Boss Pedals, fun times.

Again, a good use of time if you’ve recently been canned and have some redundancy money kicking about.


Tret, the Parkour Dog

Need we say more?  Meet Tret, the free-running dog.


Words Words Words by Boburham

Now for mo music.

This guy can’t be stopped,

Flow so sick that it should be mopped… up.


Have a sick weekend one and all!