Links of the Week 1.10.2010


Yep, there are many joys to be had on the Intertubes™ this week.

You may be wondering why there is a piggy-tail butt-plug as the header image this week, and if so,

you haven’t heard any of the Irish Political news this week.

There was a protest outside Dail Eireann, and a cement mixer with the words ‘Toxic Bank Anglo’ was parked outside,

blocking the gates.  (Full story here).

Well, some enterprising journalists / hackers decided to interview local Politicians on the event,

however they used a butt-plug as a microphone and nobody seemed to notice.

Should add nicely to the press our idiot overlords are currently enjoying around the globe.



So, on with the business at hand.  This week we’ll rate culture as it happens by a Butt-Plug-Ometer™


Ω = Ow and ΩΩΩΩΩ = Oh Baby.


Butt Plugging Irish Politicians:

All kicks in around the 1:30 minute mark.  Huzzah.

I particularly like the observation that the first Politician interviewed gives a statement, although he has not seen the event.



Videos of Note – Instrumental Video Nine:

Yep, this is pretty awesome.

Seems to draw inspiration from the Chris Cunningham ‘Monkey Drummer‘ video for Aphex Twin.

About the creator:

Mike Winkelmann is currently a graphic designer living and working in Neenah, Wisconsin, USA.

Beeple is the pseudonym for his personal work that includes short films, live visuals, graphic design, music and drawings.

Most of his current work focuses on ways to visual music through video.

His work has screened at onedotzero, Siggraph, Optronica, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, the Milwaukee Art Museum,

the Chicago Underground Film Festival, and many more.

He is also a founding member of the multimedia collective, donebestdone.



High on London:

Groovy time-lapse techniques make London look like a toy village from above.



Fallen – ETs Cousin Falls to Earth




Insane Driving : Gymkahna 3

The direction and editing on this is pretty insane.  Honk if you love souped-up cars.



OF : LIGHT Photography Exhibition review:

On Wednesday we went to digital artist Kever Petrie’s excellent photographic exhibition of : light.

It was his first, of what is sure to be many more (he has already been offered a further two exhibitions from the night).

Anyhow, very interesting shooting and cross-processing techniques make his style of photography unique.

Drop by and take a look at the highlights on Facebook here.



The Forgotten Visit – Radio Documentary

Veteran Producer Pat O Mahony has made an excellent radio documentary.

It concerns the US presidential visit that seems to have faded in collective memory,

despite the fact that it had people lining the streets – Richard Nixon’s trip to Ireland in 1970.

It is now online (available worldwide) and will be broadcast this weekend on RTE Radio 1, Sat 6.05pm and Sun 7pm.



Congrats Pat!

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