Links of the Week 8th October 2010

Highs & Lows from the worldwide intervisual tubes that we’d like to draw your attention to this week.

Click here for the unadulterated action.  We’re not even awarding any stars this week as everything is so derivative.

Facebook: Unfriend Coal

This is a pretty nice viral from Greenpeace urging Facebook to abandon coal power.

In your nads, Zukkerberg.

Music Matters – 2 Examples

Pope Ratzinger arrives in UK (via Red)

Quick change of some music with sexy results.

Different Strokes, Different Music

Always amazed by how creepy the intro to 80s TV show Different Strokes actually was.

Easier to see with some more fitting music.

Close Encounters of the Intel Kind

Intel Engineers take part in a viral effort that shows new levels of desperation, danger and disconnection from anything to do with Intel.

Turn Up The Heater with Jon Heder

Samsung’s Internet Comedy Show.

Well, it must be for Samsung, as there’s loads of gratuitous shots of some Samsung iPhone rip off, and I don’t know anybody that uses one.

Yep, this is what it takes.  Only came across this now, and they’re 105 episodes in, so far.

Baloon Fiesta

More Beautiful Stuff from the Vimeo Community.  Yawn.

Mozilla Seabird

Mozilla are breaking out a mobile phone that does it all and then some.


I hope whatever dork buys this and walks around projecting things gets a SERIOUS hiding.

Here it is, anyway.

AXE / (LYNX) Clean Your Balls Campaign

Axe sink to a new low, even for them, with some Benny Hill-esque ribald puns.

Let’s pretend there’s loads of guys at a group meeting to learn to wash their balls!!

Like, OMG that is so funny!

Clean your act up you asshats.

Here it is anyway.

Rockin Squat – “Le Pouvoir Secret”

MMM. Political Rap in French. You get the idea though.  Looks nuts, good find by Sinead Harnwell.

I know this has a a bit of Mike Oldfield going on which is a downer in my book, and may in fact take away some of its power.

Nonetheless, lots of Nazi symbolism in there for those that like that sort of thing.

Top Tips for American Kids

Dunno who this guy is but he’s got plenty of good advice.

Everything You’ve Forgotten About Ireland

Finally, a useful history recap wiki, which we came across via Jim Chimney.

Top stuff really, and seeing as its back to school time now its really a good time for the kids to start cramming this stuff in.

I now know that Fr Ted’s ‘My Lovely Horse’ is our National Anthem.

Click on the picture to activate the magic.



Have a wonderous weekend one and all.


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