Links of the Week 3.12.2010



Brrr. Happy Friday Peeps!

If you’re reading from Facebook, you should click here to see the videos.


This week, it has been snowing heavily in Ireland. That has yielded some joy of its own.

Here’s some.

Virgin Docklands

This is a nice piece on the Dublin Docklands in the Snow, hats off guys.


Skiing in Monkstown

Can’t be great for the skis, but you don’t see this everyday.


A bit more Politricks

Cowen Says Sorry, a song to the people of Ireland from Fianna Fáil


Some funny Ads next. Or at least, mildly amusing.

Kevin brings home the Bacon for Logitech


Oringina can be used for ANYTHING


Batelco – Infinity

Don’t know what this is about but it is pretty nuts.


Don Ross Gets ‘Crazy’

Finally, a wonderous cover of this Gnarls Barkley song.

We posted it on Facebook a while back, but it is here again, as we did no links of the week last week due to the sorry-ass political meanderings.

Enjoy, stay warm, and have a great weekend!











One thought on “Links of the Week 3.12.2010

  1. sinead harnwell says:

    You too Q.!!!!! Santas Pequéno Lover :-))

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