Links of the Week 06.05.2011

So, last weekend there was a fairytale Royal Wedding, and the weekend ended with the bad guy being killed.  Disney fodder, people said.

Not sure that this weekend will be as exciting, but let’s take a look back over the stuff that grabbed our hummingbird-like attention spans since last time.

So without further ado, here’s the stuff dreams are made of.


A Bee for Battens

Lovely little video here to raise awareness about Batten’s Disease.  Nice work.


How to make an Action Movie

Canal + have created a very useful flow chart for those of you who may want to make your own action film.

Ditto Horror film and Animated Movie.

As they point out, shooting a film isn’t that simple, and they support those that do.

Maybe remember that before you shit all over somebody’s work in your next review.

Click on the stolen pic below for the flow-chart.


Will Ferral as George Bush reacting to ‘The Gopher’s” death

Here you can see Will and his take on what Bush may say when…

All good stuff, if highly cringe-inducing!


Music Toy for those who can’t

Nice find by @redbloc to help people understand a little about the building blocks of music.

Particularly like the ‘bonus’ mode.  Have a play by clicking on the pic below:


Irish Hip Hop Championships 2011

Yep, this is one we did, and we are very clever.

Great to be a part of the Hip Hop Championships again, and to see the bar getting raised year after year.

Well done to all involved, and to the Crews that are going to represent Ireland in Las Vegas this year.


The Magnum Pleasure Hunt

Hard to know with this one. An interactive game / web voyage developed for magnum, and a load of other brands along the way.

Interesting and very well excuted concept all the same if you have a few.

Click on the image below to play.


Complete Lack of Inspiration

Ever wondered what a complete lack of inspiration might look like?

The following video shows you what atrophy may look like, in under 40 seconds.

It scares me to think what these guys could do on an inspired day…


LIVE – A moving painting by Gonzalo Cordero de Ciria

This is beautiful.

Have a great weekend one and all, one love.

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