LINKS OF THE WEEK 03.06.2011

Yes indeed.

It’s going to be hot this weekend.  We deserve it.  That’s why the wonderous stock photography woman above is gently massaging sausages.

Bar B Q weather, and it also has something to do with links.  Er… well anyhow, we don’t want to keep you from whatever it is you do on sunny days.

Here’s the good stuff.


The Trons – Self Playing Robot Band



The museum of me

All you nerds are going crazy for this one. Here it is, and an app too. Meh. Hats off.



This is a nice one from some guy on vimeo. (Vimeo = Youtube for people who understand focus)


Jellyfish Lake

Eh, ow?


Gil Scott Heron, RIP

Nice doc from RSA films.  God bless you Gil.


Hanson are Back!

mmmbop indeed.

Nice summer tune, happy video.  You’d have to be pretty cynical not to give this a chance.


Denis Leary – Asshole

When the weather is this hot it always reminds me of this song.

Have a great weekend kids!



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