Links of the First Week in January, 2012

2012 is finally upon us, and its time to get busy, if the Mayans were right about everything, which seems unlikely.

Here’s hoping we can put some distance between us and all the doom and gloom of last year, and the world turns a corner, for the better.

Our new year’s resolution is 1990 X 1080, most of the time. (Bah dum, tish).

On with the links.



1.  Iowa Nice

This is being shared as an ‘Iowa Tourism Video’ but its not that exactly, it is more a response to some recent media slating Iowa received.

Note that it contains some NSFW language, which is why it made it here.


2. Viktor Hertz : Honest Logos

This is what global brand logos would look like if they told the truth.

Click on the pic to see more.


3. BLR Soundbites

This one is of Ron Paul, but there’s gallons of them.  BLR stands for Bad Lip Reading, and these guys have done a huge amount of random re-dubbing of US Presidential hopefuls, based on what it looks as though their lips are saying.  Makes sense…


4. Raptor Mascot Double Fail

Yep, love this for a quick bellylaugh.

For some reason this Mascot is attempting to rollerblade down steps whilst being blinded by his dyno-suit. Super awesome.


5. Friendly Bear Waves Back

Animals do the darndest things, etc


6. My Dinner With Paul

Why is it crazy to go for a quiet meal / some advice on the ladiez, with anybody who’s ever been in the band Kiss.


7. Vinne Jones : Hands Only CPR

I suppose this will have to get a mention as it is a slow week.  Nice enough all the same.


8. Azealia Banks – L8R

This one in from the BBC SOund of 2012, big hopes etc.  Good vibe despite textspeak title for riot-ready kids.

Again contains some NSFW language, if you work in a clownshop of some sort.  Not our problem.


Have a great weekend one and all.







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