There are a number of unconfirmed reports that BEBO has disappeared.

Indeed, the url is no longer functioning.

Is this the end of the site?  If so, we’ll have to jot down a few thoughts on that era and epic story at some stage!


**EDIT** It is not dead just yet, according to The Journal, it is just the result of a ‘technical clusterf**k…’

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3 thoughts on “BEBO’S DEAD!

  1. DSFA says:

    RIP big guy, gone but not forgotten 😦

  2. Alex says:

    Something is wrong, i was on a couple of days ago, then yesterday nothing – there were hackers going around destroying accounts during the duration of it being active, lets hope it’s not them again.

  3. I was online on the 29th, then the next day it was off

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