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New Video Channel for the Irish Digital Landscape

Hey hey hey and Happy March to you all!

At home on our mothership, we’ve been thinking about digital marketing for quite some time now.

Even though we’re still about 7 years behind in Ireland, we are catching up, but in the meantime, there are many spurious claims being made by agencies and individuals about the power of digital, as they grapple with how to best integrate it to their campaigns.

It seems like everyone is on the way to trying their hand at the new gold rush, so we thought we’d provide them with some tools on the way. This is the first installment of what we may make a series, on the State of the Nation when it comes to the Digital Landscape in Ireland.  We have a mix of facts, and and vox pops, to give you an idea of perceptions.

Enjoy, and if you’re reading from Facebook, as always, hit the jump here to see video.

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