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Plugged In or Out?

Came across an interesting post on Philosophy Talk Blog earlier today about the relationship between social media and real life interaction.

The thread has an open debate about whether online interactions actually represent meaningful relationships etc.  One poster made an interesting connection with the Orwellian nightmare of 1984 and opting in to ‘constant contact’ technology, which I’ll paste in here:

“…George Orwell’s “1984” saw us all with a computer screen in each and every household that spread fear and propaganda and thus control over a society. Our computer world of today is not much different is it? While we are being inundated with the negative news of the world, terrorism and terrorism, radiation and kidnappers, we seem to be further isolating ourselves from each other and closing ourselves in. Do our children freely play outside anymore, do any of us?

Perhaps the only out in a society so controlled by fear is the safe social tools of Facebook and others that keep the lonelinesses of such isolation at bay. Unfortunately these new social networks only enable the isolation even more.

What I find must disconcerting is rather than our government forcing us to have these controlled information devices and forcing us to keep them on in our houses and work and schools, we freely have chosen to have them and even carry small ones around.


MJA – Original post by Michael J Ahles

Worth mulling over, I thought.


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