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Another tumbleweed blog…

It has been a long time since we’ve posted anything here.

The reasons for this are manifold, generic and lame.

There’s no point in apologising, we don’t think anybody’s life depends on whether we update the blog or not.

Some of the excuses for this are as follows:

1.  We’re busy people! 

We run an Irish video agency, and spend most waking hours tending to the needs of that business.

The job normally entails some kind of 50/50 split, between being constantly on the lookout for outstanding ideas, and also originating them.

We tell stories, in a very complex narrative format, to help make the world a better place, or sell more shoes, or do whatever the gig requires.

This occupies about 90% or our current waking lives!  What you see on this humble blog are some of the highlights of the thinking behind that process.

The net effect is that blog updates suffer during heavy production periods.

We have to focus on paid work, like any other net denizen!

2. Sharing has become more lazy.

Running a blog about anything is a commitment.

Much of the online stampede has taken to brief-form social media that offer push-button publishing, such as facebook and twitter.

The net effect of this is that nobody has time to read blog posts any more.

Factor in new digital publishing phenomena, and you’re competing against whole industries constructed to provide ‘churn’ in the space (such as Mashable)  – the blogging game is pretty much up.

We don’t have time to hack out an article in response to a briefly trending moment that will have passed in 4 hours (the ‘half-life of a tweet‘… seriously?)

So.  We’re spending more time where the gang goes.

Shouting an idea into the void (within the 140 character limit) ; a haiku snapshot of modern life.

Rather than, say,  developing any idea areas of our own.

Just like everyone else.

3. Instagram is pretty good!

This may seem like an unrelated point, but instagram is a very shorthand way for us to have a brief, rewarding, semi-creative moment.

Yep, like everyone else, we’re ‘Instagramming the shit’ out of everything we do. (Office expression…)

Again, due to the very small amount of time and effort involved, and the quickly-reaped creative rewards, Instagram is a killer app.

Not sure that it’s a $1 billion killer app, but its got us hooked.  As has its video spin-off second cousin, cinemagram.

If we really can tell a 1,000-word story with a picture in one minute at the touch of a button, yet nobody reads it, no matter.

These posts are like buses, and there’ll be another one along in a minute.

The negative impact of instagram on long-form article-basedblogging is bound to be significant.

But wait! That’s not all!!

4. Pinterest is pretty good too!

Many of our blog posts have been about trending web video.

The stuff that inspired us, the music video we liked, and the cream of the crop of viral video that cuts through, for one reason, or another.

Guess what? Pinterest has made that a one-button publishing possibility.

Writing blog posts that curate the nuggets we like from around the web is another time void.

Pinterest does this and remembers all the stuff we liked for us, as soon as we see it.
That’s basically killed our ‘Links of the Week’ posts.

Do you see a pattern emerging? 

We’re also active on Vimeo & Youtube, and maintain our own site, and have other fingers in other online pies.

Its hard to know how a blog fits into this, but we haven’t switched it off just yet.

Services and publishing platforms we no longer use include Blogspot, Bebo, Metacafe, Forum Sites etc etc.

We must not be alone in thinking that the heady days of the blogosphere are becoming numbered?

I know some marketeer is going to jump up and shout “VLOGGER”.

That’s just blogging for the illiterate.

Move along now.

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