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The Uncertain Future of Ireland

Jim Corr is trying to save the world, or at least Ireland.

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He’s behind an initiative to organise a Protest March against our current lack of leadership this Saturday.   I know Jim gets a lot of flack for his political views, but this is not as flaky as it may first appear.

You may wonder what authority a musician has to challenge political entities, however history has taught us that in times of unparalleled political uncertainty, people from outside the main institutions of commentary have stepped in to fill the void, and have voiced the unspoken fears of the general public.      During that shameful low point in German history the only people stepping in to voice objection to the rising Nazi party were musicians and artists.  We all know how that ended up.

The connection may not be as tenuous as you may think, when Hitler rose to power in Germany, his own psychotic brand of fascism was gaining a foothold by being the only party showing strength in times of absolute economic failure.  While he was busy shifting the blame on the Jews for  controlling the financial institutions, nobody could have foreseen that this was merely a step towards absolute genocide, that has the added benefit of a corporate hostile takeover of the financial assets of an entire people to prop up an economy.  Does that sound familiar?

Anyway, take a look at what he has to say, and if you can, join him on Saturday to show peaceful support.

Hopefully he won’t be leading the masses with any Corrs songs! Good man Jim.


Now, for a joke.

We did this earlier this week, and got into a small spot of bother.

Anyhow, here’s The Biffo Factor.


And now, another funny, this time explaining how the world economy collapsed, in 3 minutes.


As a final note, these are crazy times for our small Island, and the wider world.

Be vigilant, because we are being lied to so much.

Going forward, I know Fianna Fáil have sold out on the idea of protecting our National Sovereignty, but we should NOT allow Sinn Féin to enter and fill the void.

Understand that there is not an honest politician anywhere in the current crop, we need entirely new people in the whole political system.

Finally, let’s not stand by and allow Cowen to get the golden handshake, and a job as an MEP in Europe.

He may need to be in jail.

That’s the end of our Political Broadcast.

Back to business as usual next week.  One Love.

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